Magdalena Chowaniec



Magdalena Chowaniec - dance and theatre maker

Welcome to my website. 

I am Polish born dance and performance maker, living and working in Vienna, Austria and abroad.

Magdalena Chowaniec keeps on collaborating with various artists often changing topics and format of her work. In her projects social issues meet theatrical reality – inspired by the outside world and life stories, her shows become a melting point of reality and fiction. Researching the borders between life and art, Chowaniec continues a row of invisible performances in frame of the ongoing Empathy Project. Her deep interest in different cultures and alterations coming along with embodiment and physicality, profoundly inspire her choreographic/performance work.

(..)Every generation has got its emerging artists and it seems very encouraging seeing artists who do not get stuck to the same methods and esthetics of their artistic creations. First cuts in culture budget hit always the performance scene, especially  artists creating controvertial and provocative works. One of them is Magdalena Chowaniec from Poland who lives and works in Vienna and prooves her talent as a dancer, singer and choreographer in Austria and abroad. (..) Magdalena Chowaniec is a wild artist and has nothing to do with a proper scholar. She is multitalented and she takes a big risk – that makes her an emerging talent today.`


Helmut Ploebst for the Yearbook 2010 of Tanz Magazine